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#UNPIATTOPERLAPACE is an initiative born from the desire of some Italian restaurateurs to offer their help to the populations affected by the conflict in Ukraine. How Cooking for them ...

From April 16 to May 15, 2022, the Vescovado Restaurant in Noli includes the “ DIsh for Peace " in its menu, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity to support the #EMERGENZAUCRAINA project, created with the aim of helping the Ukrainian people from the war. The donations collected will be sent to the Comunità di sant'Egidio, an organization already operating in the conflict areas and along the borders.

The “Dish for Peace" that can be ordered at an additional cost of 10 euros is "Veal, red turnip, horseradish and peas", a dish with aromas, colors and flavors that refer to national Ukrainian cuisine, interpreted according to the delicate abd refined style of chef Giuse Ricchebuono and his brigade.



The story behind every one of my dishes begins with the search for quality ingredients and ends when it is served at the table. Every single dish has something to say about me, my culture and my traditions.
Scent, sight, texture, sound and flavour: only if each of the five senses is in harmony with the others will we have full control over what we are cooking and fully enjoy what we are eating.
I aim to offer a light cuisine based on a few simple ingredients, each of which represents the best of what the land I live on can provide; simple but intense flavours that make an indelible mark on the memory.
Evoking memories of their mothers’ and grandmothers’ kitchens in diners is one of the greatest emotions I can aspire for.
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piatto vescovado primavera 2022piatto vescovado primavera 2022piatto vescovado primavera 2022piatto vescovado primavera 2022

Ristorante Vescovado Noli


It's always time for a special gift such as an experience rich in aromas and flavours in the refined atmosphere of the Vescovado Restaurant.
We offer you the opportunity to choose one of our tasting menus to amaze your loved ones, please your friends or thank your customers with a unique and unforgettable gift.
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Since 2009 I manage the Vescovado Restaurant, located in the fifteenth-century rooms of the Palazzo Vescovile in Noli.
In the summer we move out of the palace’s frescoed halls overlooking the bay of Noli and onto the magnificent building’s patios over the sea.
The fragrance of herbs and the sweeping view up and down the coast make this a truly unique location which diners enjoy from the time they take the panoramic lift to the cable-car providing access to the restaurant directly from the street.
Alternatively, guests can walk a short path from the medieval hamlet of Noli to the palace door.
A place where history and nature come together in a timeless work of art.

Piazzale Rosselli, 13
Lungomare Marconi (lift)
17026 Noli (Sv) - Italy

19,30 - 22,00

12,30 - 14,30

on Tuesday and Wednesday

+39 019 7499 059

Ristorante Vescovado di Noli - La sala rossaRistorante Vescovado di Noli - La sala rossaRistorante Vescovado di Noli - La sala rossa
Ristorante Vescovado di Noli - La sala rossaChef Ricchebuono-location-gallery07Ristorante Vescovado di Noli - La sala rossa

HOTEL Palazzo Vescovile

The elegance and hospitality of a splendid historic residence

The Vescovado Restaurant is based in the historical building of the Hotel Palazzo Vescovile, in an environment of ancient charm, with high-level services and facilities.

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Ristorante Vescovado

Piazzale Rosselli, 13
Lungomare Marconi (lift)
17026 Noli (Sv) - Italy

+39 019 7499 059

Ristorante Bino 

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