Ristorante FELICE

The “FELICE” restaurant, inaugurated in 2019 in Astana (now Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan), is one of the best Italian restaurants in Central Asia.
Set in an elegant and welcoming atmosphere, the restaurant welcomes local guests and foreign visitors looking for dishes that best represent the pleasure of Italian cuisine.
The menu is signed by Michelin starred chef Giuse Ricchebuono who brings his idea of cuisine, interpreted by a local team led by a chef who has had the opportunity to experience a long professional experience in the kitchens of chef Ricchebuono.

Copertina del menu del ristorante felice ad Astana a cura dello chef Giuse RicchebuonoInterni del ristorante Felice ad Astana
Pagina del menu del ristorante felice ad Astana a cura dello chef Giuse RicchebuonoFocaccia nelle pagine del menu del Ristorante Felice ad Astana a cura dello chef Giuse Ricchebuono



Astana (now Nur Sultan), the capital of Kazakhstan, is a place of entertainment and business.
The restaurant offers an elegant but comfortable environment, able to host events, business lunches and dinners, as well as customers looking for a refined but welcoming place for dinners with family or friends. With a wide offer of excellet selection of wines, many of which are Italian, the restaurant also stands out for its own production of high quality cheeses.

 1, Ave. Saryarka

Phone: +7 707 700 7000

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The menu of FELICE is directly inspired by the culture and cooking idea of chef Ricchebuono, which give rise to dishes that meet the tastes and palates of local guests as well as the international public who seeks "the pleasures of the table” of the Italian cuisine.
In particular for the spring-summer 2021 season the menu is strongly characterized by the principle of "good, clean and fair”, an integral part of Giuse Ricchebuono's professional philosophy promoted by the "Slow Food” Italian Association: knowing who and what is behind each dish that is presented, to guarantee quality as well as of taste, makes the moment of the meal a real ritual dedicated to the joy and pleasure of company and sharing.


Lamponi nel menu del ristorante Felice ad AstanaZuppa del ristorante Felice ad Astana
Un piatto del menu del ristorante Felice ad AstanaDolce del ristorante Felice ad Astana
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