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The Art of BINO
A special menu created by chef Giuse Ricchebuono and chef Giacomo Faziola, with matching wines by the glass selected from the finest natural labels from our cellar.

85 euro per person, including drinks

+39 019 5281 517

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Ristorante Bino


At BINO's the gastronomic offer goes beyond the Ligurian and national territorial borders, with incursions into other cultures that can offer creative and innovative suggestions, full of contaminations that can make even the apparently simpler dish interesting or playful. The cellar, in continuous evolution as well as the kitchen, today offers natural and biodynamic wine labels, coming from a careful selection of Italian and foreign producers.
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Taco di gamberi, maionese agli agrumi e avocadoZuppetta di baccalà e curry rosso, fagioli borlotti Spaghetto mantecato con pil pil di baccalà e alloro marmellata di jalapeñosSemifreddo al cocco, frutto della passione e rum, lime candito
Cappon magro di lingua, maionese d’ostricaCucciolone di CesareRiso mantecato con ciuppin di scoglio, marmellata di limoni lampuga affumicata e finocchietto di mareBattuta al coltello di picanha, maionese alla senape e aringa affumicata


BINO welcomes you to an environment with a modern, lively, comfortable and stimulating design in the name of the best Italian style, but with a contemporary and international concept. Thanks to its privileged location inside the Museo della Ceramica, where the restored work of Agenore Fabbri “ La Nascita della Ceramica" has been placed in the entrance area of ​​the restaurant, the venue can host events, exhibitions, artistic and cultural activities, as well as events of interest and prestige in which the cuisine and the culture of food are the protagonists.

Via Aonzo, 31r
(Museo della Ceramica)
17100 Savona - Italy


Closed | Closed
Closed | 19,30 - 22,00
12,30 - 14,30 | 19,30 - 22,00
12,30 - 14,30 | 19,30 - 22,00
12,30 - 14,30 | 19,30 - 22,00
12,30 - 14,30 | 19,30 - 22,00
12,30 - 14,30 | Closed

+39 019 5281 517

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Ristorante Vescovado

Piazzale Rosselli, 13
Lungomare Marconi (lift)
17026 Noli (Sv) - Italy

+39 019 7499 059

Ristorante Bino 

Via Aonzo, 31R
(Museo della Ceramica)
17100 Savona - Italy

+39 019 5281 517

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La fornace di Barbablù Sas
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